View them cool cavemen again. Well, we don't mean to show-off. Madness, defined. There can never be enough madness. Join the Madness.Our phones don't ring enough.
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SLK Group is a dynamic technology, business consulting and outsourcing provider to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. With SLK being such a customer-centric company, our focus while developing their website was to provide a great user experience for potential clients who would visit the site.

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  • Open Sans x WEIGHTS

    Primary Font
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Engineering the messaging and visual direction

'Disruptive Innovation' is the focus theme for SLK software for the near future. Using a distinct style and disruptive imagery, we succeeded in bringing the company's focus on 'Disruptive Innovation' to light on the website.

VOI Jeans

"Working on the website with your team was a phenomenal experience. Without you guys, things would have not been easy for us. Best things always come from collaborative teams and you proved it."

Pradeep Naidu / Manager, Business Development - SLK Software