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Corner House


Established in 1982, Corner House is Bangalore’s favourite ice cream parlour. Growing up in Bangalore, it was a big part of our childhood. So when we got the chance to pitch to them to handle their digital initiatives, we jumped at the opportunity without a second thought. Winning the Corner House account remains one of the highlights of our journey.

"Ice cream=Happiness" is the emotion we want to bring out in people when they see any content from Corner House.

Capture The Running Cones

Using video as the format/medium, we created a post where users had to capture running ice creams within the frame of a cone and share screenshots via comments. The interaction we received on this post simply amazed us. Although it wasn’t a contest, the post garnered more than 1000 comments!

Play the video below to find out what all the fuss was about.

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Social Media Strategy: Ice cream=Happiness

Corner House's primary goal was to get more people talking about the brand on social media. 'Ice cream=Happiness' is the emotion we want to bring out in people when they see any content from Corner House. We took a fun and quirky content approach and used a mix of illustrations and mouth-watering ice-cream sundae visuals in the creatives.

We backed this up with high-impact campaigns on a quarterly basis which led to a 1000X increase in engagement levels across their social media channels. To see more posts like the one below, go over to the Corner House Facebook page and brace yourself for some sweet-tooth craving!

  • Corner House

    May 7, 2016

    DO NOT share this with your friends!
    We turned 34 today! smile emoticon Last person to wish us 'Happy B'day' via comments wins 34 DBCs! P.S We decide the contest deadline.

    Corner House
    You and 2K others 1,556 comments
  • Corner House

    April 21, 2016

    Our DBC needs some love!

    Festa De Diu
    You and 1K others 22 comments
  • Corner House

    March 12, 2016

    Saturday morning happiness

    Corner House
    You and 147 others 2 comments
  • Corner House

    March 15, 2016

    The answer to "What should I have for dessert today?"

    Corner House
    You and 298 others 2 comments
Corner House

"Every time I see a Corner House post on my social feed, I end up hitting Corner House within 3 hours!"

Yashaswini Somashekar / Corner House fan